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January 13, 2013



   Sunglasses/D&G,Vest/Tally Weijl,Shorts/Zara,Bag/Gaude                                

My unique relationship with clothes bagan when I was 15.I thought "Why do I look like other people?Why 
do I have to look like other people?"

It was my Mom who supported me back then.We had a limited budget,so we always looked at the price tag.Instead of buying something cheap and fashionable we purchased middle-priced clothes,with a good quality and a good discount as well.There was always a choice between one cashmere mix sweater and two made of polyester.Mom told me 'What's the sense of a polyester sweater?It doesn't warm you at all!'.
And I was looking for something well-priced plus made of proper fabrics.
The SALES time of the year became my favorite..
Here are some pics shot last summer.
Super sunny weather versus boring outfit

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