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April 8, 2013

Almost the same


These past few weeks have been the most memorable I've had so far.Firstly MBFW Russia then Public talk with Giovanna Bataglia (I'll tell you about it soon) and the chance to meet amazing designer(do you mind if I call you this way darling?) Andrey Moss.Apart from his designing skills he is a quite smart buyer and seller as well.So,right after the public talk we had a little time to grab some drinks at the All time bar.
Thank you  for a good company,it was nice seeing you!
*A minute of frankness
Generally,I've always considered silent people as very smart and reasonable..(like me).
But a while ago I found myself talking uncontrollably about stuff.
I have to admit sometimes I worry and bother too much and that's what turns on my talkability.

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