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June 28, 2013


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Jesus Christ I am officially done with exams and first year at uni!
Obviously there's more spare time for my blogolife(?)
Anyways,when I got an invitation from River Island guess how excited I got.Seriously,since when did I become a popular fashion blogger?What an honour I thought.
The presentation took place in Fashion Cafe which is probably the most purple cafe I've ever seen in my whole life(with the strongest cappuccino for a girl like me).
Beautiful clothes,cosy sofas,nice food and(more importantly) cool and pleasant people.
I love that thing in River Island about never using the same fabrics.Whatever they do they do it right.
There's one thing that caught my eye immediately...go down to the end of the post to find out.

How geometrically right are these pieces?The colors are no doubt MINE as well as the cut and the loose fit.
The fact that the fabrics differ makes the outfit more special.I think I love matching fabrics.At least now.

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