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June 9, 2013


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I was walking down Tverskaya street when my favorite pair of wedges got spoiled.Pretty much the worst feeling.Later that day I came to the decision to switch all of my cheap'alike shoes to more quilted and expensive.
Can't say I bought a pair of heels worth 500$ but these sleepers are challenging(and super comfy as well).
Do they look like 100$ shoes?Doubt it,but they are.

 Another thing is the vintage belt I got from my granny's.Whether you think it's a toy with some balls or a weapon believe me you are wrong.Someday the way to wear this piece will be found but now I am all into t-shirts shorts and sneakers.Amen

The thing stuck in my head is true friendship and  honestly I'm not sure it exists.The way people treat you when your life starts to (finally) change is weird.What's the sence of having such people next to you?
Let's say I am up to meeting new people and making new friends(and boyfriends please) right now.
Just ask me out you jerk.

The only thing that relieves me is shopping.Especially for bags.This time I went for a classic black trapeze bag with a tiny lock.The shape reminds me of Pashli satchel by 3.1 Phillip Lim which basically makes it even more special.
Till next time xx

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