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July 21, 2013


What kind of person gets sick right before the vacation?What kind of person gets sick after 18 years of healthy life?Right,that's me.
What kind of person makes your liver talk and you head walk?Say hi to today's guest aka Mrs M.D.Lady of  35-40,blond with huge dark circles under her eyes(very healthy and natural).Although she's got a degree in medicine the knowledge of therapeutics doesn't exist in her so-called brains.She claims that's ok to take 12 pills per day during the week.(to cure the damn cough!!!)
My relationship with these life suckers is...let's say not intense.I nearly payed a visit to one of those M.D's in  about 5 years.Yet,when I had to I regretted.
My belief stands by "got no pills,got my liver"quote.
Back to reality.Here's my 4th report from the music fest I visited last weekend.

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