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July 4, 2013

Face the truth bitch

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I hate classics.Lady alike feminine dresses and chunky heels or extremely sparkling and studded ones(ew).The kind of style I have to observe every single day of my not so-haute-couture life.

Over a period of 18 years I had a chance to assess Russian women and the appearance they've been making.Need to say most of my researches about ugly style of our amazing and beautiful ladies have a dead end.There's no explanation or excuse  to be given.In this country fashion is not a must have as well as a sense of style.
How odd is that to mix sandals with socks or chemically curled hair with polyester suits(usually horribly patterned and cut).JESUS
Imagine a fat(extremely fat)belly being swifted by a piece of viscose distorting the silhouette of an already weird shape.(shame on you fatty bellies!)
That's what my sensible personality had to experience at school a while ago.Anyways I am at uni now and that's a  good thing.

And how humiliating and miserable I feel about all of them.About the whole nation or better say generation.You say "It's not so bad come on",I say "face the truth bitch".
I do have a desire to change it.So,let's see what we can do:)

P.S.Thank god my mother is a good example of exception.Go on Mom!!!
hash tag teamrozina(#teamrozina)

Do these pics look like Sex and the city screenshots?

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