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August 14, 2013

Baby blue,is it?

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I've been literally hunting for this skirt from Zara.Somehow,just one store in whole Barcelona had it....in size S.As I needed size XS the lack of  stuff in stores didn't stop me.
So I happened to ask some girl at Zara for the size I needed....and voila!Since it took some time to find the skirt I sinned....again.With leather loafers :O .....and more!
No shopping for you girl,no more shopping.

As you see,the background is very urban filled with unique buildings and some trashcans as well.
I really enjoyed passing by this crossroad every time we went to the seaside.Basically,it's very spacious in there plus the mirrored building(you can't see unfortunately)creates kind of a giant box.The only thing I wanted to do is stay and stare.So overwhelming.
Need to admit it was nice seeing a homeless man with mirrored golden glasses and crop top sleeping every single day on our way to the beach.Very attractive.:D
Also,that day we've decided to give Cherry coke a shot.With some funny duty free rum.
Oops.I'd say the rum was a funny one!
Now,riding a bike seems to be the best thing in the whole world.I don't even need people involved.I keep riding while listening to Mumford&Sons and White Lies.
By the way,on weekend I'll be working for Bata at their new store opening.So far,it's my first proper job and....you will know if I screw it up.
Hope you enjoy August as much as I do!

Sunglasses-H&M(borrowed from NEL)
Slippers(read dead slippers)-MEXX

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