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August 10, 2013

Dear Santa or things I'll do for Paris Fashion Week

Face it Dasha,things are awesome.
You just had amazing trip to Brcelona,you've got a second year at uni ahead.Generally,that's already too much,you probably don't deserve it.
Yet,you are gonna meet new people,collaborate with someone,work during fashion week....in Moscow.
Not that I'm complaining but Paris fashion week or any other fashion weeks in Europe seem to be more eye catchy...and warmer.
As a student,I find myself  "lost in desire"(is that correct?)
Do I actually want to spend my precious time on tips of Russian "teachers" how to become a good designer in this cruel world of designer blood and competition.This is bullshit stop reading it.
I want to shoot so badly.Somewhere like....Paris!Paris!Paris!

Dear Santa,

This is my first year as a really good girl.I've never lied to people(we faced the bitter side of truth together)

I've never stolen a thing(well I saw someone doing it so don't count on it!)

I have never forgotten any of my relatives including my folks(♥) and grandparents

Moreover,I managed to finish my first year with extremely good marks

I started thinking about other people(even caught myself empathizing a bit)

I know it's probably too early to ask for things like that but...I am craving to come out at Paris fashion week.I actually do.My early birthday present.This is it.
My soul(along with my mind)are literally getting mental.We need some good looking people for a good behavior and well being.

I might actually appreciate a money tree.I'll take care of it,I promise.


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