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October 14, 2013

Paris Fashion Week-Day 3

Apparently,sitting next to Tommy Ton at Vendome square was one of the pleasures of my adventure.So far,I remember so much I can't even make up my mind to write it all down.
Particularly those moments I passed across the streets breathing in the french air.
"After the rain" moments in the backstreets,a french man who happened to ask me out behind the Concorde,people like Justin Wu I happened to meet and tons of photographers surrounding as you walk down the Tuileries garden...
Screaming "This is Maxim from the Glamour magazine"in russian so that he could hear me...:D
Should I mention my favorite bloggers,editors and models(like Hanne Gaby)?
It's an anthill full of people I love,adore and follow.The incredible mix of fashion lovers who meet up for a week.
Admit it,for cities like Paris 2,5 days is not an option,so this time 6 days was a total blast.Guess that's what I needed.Because when Moscow gets chilly so fast it's nice to escape from reality for some time.Paris is the best kind of reality.

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