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December 19, 2013

Green suits and bloody orange


Let's be honest,we all know this lady.
Miss Mukhina is known for her pure face(meaning with no make up on),nearly blond hair and nice model alike body.
She did quite good at the fashion department of Russian Vogue though now she's now all into the Ukrainian version of the magazine.
I don't care about her little cute pumps or gorgeous (almost emerald green) suit.I feel like the only one thing to be considered in the look is he hair.Excuse me "Whaaat?"
Some of her black roots create the contours of Atlantic ocean,I swear.
When did it happen?The fashion industry is represented by people who don't give a damn about themselves.At the same time,you bump into the Russian fashion mafia in the other side of the city and the pride for the country finally comes out.God,bless Mira,Elena,Ulyana,Vika,Natasha and Nasiba.
To be continued.

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