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February 10, 2014

I heart cardy

What is this thing with golden buttons that makes the whole outfit fancy and attractive?
Longline,wool gold buttoned coatigan...Change of the subject!
Let's have a discussion about love!
Girls,stores and shops,clothes and shoes.So what do we do in order to satisfy the desire for...what?
For the feeling of happiness,love and joy?Believe me or not,the right shoe's gonna make you a more confident and independent person than you used to be.Clothes work the same way.

Girls are definitely human beings with an absolute flair for physical objects.We love what we see,the way it fits and touches our bodies.For some of us it's an option to give up on smoking or eating when others describe it as well as collecting cars,like a real hobby.Funny creations.

Fact: "...most of us are bitter over someone"
So,you actually suppose we spend much time crying and going crazy after a break up?Who do you think we are?Well,we probably have a moment with ourselves for a couple of days drinking wine,cleaning up our minds and getting ready for the best part of singles a.k.a PARTYING.
You got it right.

After the most confusing article I'd love to thank all of my heels,flats and wedges for inspiring me.You guys are the best.
Silk blouses,wool coats and sweaters I owe you my life.
Now,let's have a moment of silence because yesterday two of my dearest friends(heeled sandals) left this world.

Rest in peace guys.

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