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February 26, 2014

Sweatshirts and denim

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Fact of the day:we are the creatures of nature and it's natural to follow the memories.

I mean,seriously who would have thought I 'd be missing some of my school mates.We had absolutely nothing in common!
But a couple of hours ago deep down the metro station called Mayakovskaya I spotted one of my bffs(in the past,or do you say best friends are for ever?)
Anyways,she wasn't the person I thought...It made me sick.

Do we look for all of the people from the past?For the silhouettes,faces and habits?
Do we remember those who hurt us more than those who made us feel special?Do we actually save people in our brain as well as we stock information on the memory card?
Is it possible to compare people and information?
Looks like people have become information by disappearing from our lives.

I feel so confused.

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