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July 17, 2014

Sorry, I don't understand.Can I have another cosmo?


Somehow, during those desperate times when "being lonely is not an option" we start having fun with unknown people. They help us to escape the pain and sadness turning on the "joy button". I used lots of people in that order. Does it make me a bad person? Or is this just "life to survive"?
Anyways, I feel grateful to all of them.

The only thing bothering me right now is "when do they become "known" people?". Someone we care about and miss every day. How to find out if the person is here to stay?
When he says he likes you or in the moment he calls you at 1.45 to to wish a good night..?
Do we believe those "new" people or run away to save our fragile hearts one last time..? Such a hard question for someone who is about to fall in love.
I feel uncertain. Just think I start missing someone(hopefully not those thousands I spent on new shoes) and it's not okay. It's like an illness. 
In terms of rules for life saving I better run cause nobody seems to care that much.

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