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May 30, 2013

Before the storm or suit the hell up

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Well well,apparently I am having a lack of updates guys.Can you please excuse me and my new friends aka Zac Chace Robert Harry and Jared?:D
We've been having way too much fun lately!
There has always been a thing about suiting up...what do you feel wearing a suit?I personaly feel manly and incredibly handsome as a real Man.Totally love it.Such a dilemma.
Do we(I mean women)need to wear something to feel more confident and independent...?What is this thing that makes you feel that way?
Probably,we are convineced that men are protective and safe.So,they regulary give us a cover of self confidence.In fact,living a life on your own seems to be quite empty without men guard..:D
Here goes the suit.


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