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May 26, 2013


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I've been so busy these days getting ready for IELTS(which I passed yesterday by the way)
However I had a chance to attend  Baseballs gig on friday.IT WAS AMAZING
If you live in Russia you probably know how hard is it to find soy products.Non dairy stuff is simply denied by all of the stores and supermarkets.Generally I just finished reading "Skinny bitch" by Rory Freedman and I have to say this book has influenced me and my nutrition.So,that's the reason I am so obsessed with soy  recently.
Here is a list of products I highly recommend if you're looking for soy and non-sugar things
Tofu can be found in Atak
Soy milk from Perekrestok or Azbuka Vkusa or Stockmann(make sure to try chocolate flavour)
Look for sweets like chocolate and zephyr in Perekrestok

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