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August 22, 2013


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Hello there!
Do you feel like summer is over?Cause I do.:(
The other night I got home pretty late.The wind was terrifying,so damn cold and autumn-ish. Obviously,everything comes to an end.
Yet,who cares about the weather when the whole nation is on the way to hell for fat bitches.Recently I had a chance to have some metro rides in the city.Needless to say but I will "Nowadays people are supposed to look healthy due to the range of possibilities..."
I can't get rid of the feeling that most people don't look after themselves.Moreover,they seem to be disgusted by themselves(according to the shape of bodies)
Nervous and annoyed human beings with moody faces pressing you down to the others.Typical Moscow rush hour under the ground.
Enjoy my last outfit from Spain...take care and

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