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November 7, 2013


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It feels like...new lens,yeah it definitely feels like the new lens.Can you see it?Can you see it?Can you see it?
Last week the opportunity came up with a different lens and similar to mine camera.
Literally,I've been thinking about getting 50mm 1.4 for ages,I mean from the start of my street style blogger career((whaaaat?)I keep complaining about lens every time my head refuses to function)
Let me explain,some people go crazy about others...well,sometimes those who love cameras are easily obsessed with lens.
Finding a perfect lens takes time,as well as finding a soul mate(a human being with ..blah blah blah just hope you know what I mean :D)
In case you're looking for the content of this post I highly recommend you to give up.There's none of it.
LOL bye!

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