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August 25, 2013

Nudy goody

To be honest,I've got the best Mom ever.Do you have a chance to borrow a Guess bag or extremely fashionable high heels from your relatives?Hope you do!
The idea of your Mom "being your first stylist/teacher" sounds amazing.If I've ever had that thing people call style that's my Mom's merit.
This woman makes my heart melt,seriously.An average Russian woman of forty would give up on the appearance,face condition and the body weight as well.
My mother is a special one.She does sports twice a week,drives a car and enjoys life looking perfect every single day.I feel so proud to be a part of her life,you have no idea!
Let me know if you feel the same about your mother or grandmother!:)

Since now I'm gonna be posting the information about things I wore mentioning the price sometimes(you are gonna be shocked!)

Shirt/Massimo Dutti 16
Bag/Guess (Mom's) about 150
Shoes/Asos (Mom's) ?
Ring/&Other Stories 15


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