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August 30, 2013


Hello best friends!
Welcome the new  Rozina&Co design based on minimalistic template by blogger.
How original is that,Dasha?People make logos,blog identity,draw themselves and stuff while you pretend to be a super talented blogger with many years of experience and these white walls.How egocentric of you!
Back to the point,at the end of summer I finally found time to actually WORK and earn some easy money for the September trip.YAY!
I had a chance to work in Bata and at the opening of mail.ru new building(which is AWESOME).Above from the glassy walls and offices there's a real GYM and Starbucks on the 1st floor.Holly crap,I wanna work there!
Also,the second year of uni is around the corner...is there still something you've been waiting to do the whole summer but haven't yet?It's the sign.Ready...steady...GO!
See you at Tesla Boy gig on Saturday!Off to take an egocentric shower..
Jeans/Zara(too old to check out the store)
Sandals/Guess(Mom's as well) :D

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