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September 6, 2013

Black and white

Let's make it clear,the photoshoot went insane.I didn't even expect my new COS jeans to look so not perfect on the pictures.Hopefully,they ARE amazing in real life plus they fit me perfectly.So,think twice(and better try it on)before judging me.Moreover COS is the most amazing clothing line I've ever seen.Basically,it's the example of the perfect wardrobe and things I crave getting.It's the best knit and denim,simple Scandinavian design and extremely wearable staff.I seriously regret not buying that whole store in Barcelona.
By the way,last night's party was C R A Z Y.(read parties)
You never now how many places is it possible to visit during the night.I stopped counting at 4 though it felt like 10.My heart belongs to the Podium Concept Store where I met absolutely stunning and flawless Ulyana Sergeenko,Miroslava Duma and Frol Burimskiy.That awkward moment when people you keep in your head but have never seen alive,appear at the party.Again it's crazy.

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