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September 4, 2013

Perfect knit

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In my first interview I said "Perfect over-the-knee boots can make a human out of you...".Generally,every basic thing works this way.
There has always been a basic thing in my wardrobe like a simple black skirt or a pair of flat boots.To my sorrow,I've never had the "perfect knit" thing until now.Chunky knit in navy blue is my absolute  favorite at the moment.Wear it with a full skirt or a pair of white jeans,with high heels or flats.
What else do you need for fall people?
To be honest,this look is an honour to the bloggers I follow.The mix of inspiration is by fashiontoast,stylescrapbook and Caroline Blomst.So,thank you for that,guuurlz!:D
I am at uni at the moment,getting to know new teachers and subjects.
P.S so so excited about the art history teacher ♥
just kidding I'm in love!:D
By the way,I have to admit there are some  inappropriate subjects to be found...like painting.What's it for guys?I don't want to spend my precious time with some crazy woman(who describes herself as a bitchy one) during the time of 3 hours per week.Madness.
Hope you have a good week!

Sweater/COS 55€ (good investment though I sinned without a doubt)
Skirt/Zara 29
Boots/Massimo Dutti 125€ (investment as well!a pair of good quality boots is always needed)

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