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December 31, 2014

Ford x Rozina&Co

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It sometimes takes weeks to consider the new information. So three weeks ago I had no idea this post was going to be edited and written all over again for so long.
Basically, me and one of my so called friends had a chance to meet a real designer from Ford and take a look at some exceptional way of creating things.
Mr. Thomas Kalker did a little performance (or master class) showing us how to use the soft plasticine alike material for building a 3d model car later. This idea absorbed me.
Well, in Ford they have a special team to create these life size cars. How crazy and genius...?
The process takes time, which means the car is being changed again and again until its all perfectly done and ready to be scanned. Wow!
It's like a modern manufacture with an innovative technological coat. I'm impressed.
A few days later I was feeling very inspired and confused at the same time. 
Just because Ford has such incredible people who care about all of the things: big and small ones.
 It made me thinking "what should I do to care about graphic design as much as they care about cars?"
Hopefully, I was given a sketchbook to write my thoughts down. But then this happened...
The only coclusion I made was "keep doing it.keep doing anything you like and make it perfectly pure"
And then this and this happened as well.
These pictures show two different moods I had after the presentation. 
Excited and confused.

Happy New Year people! It's gonna be a better year, I promise.

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