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December 13, 2014

Good n bad November issue

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Living in a big city is always interesting and exciting, sometimes dangerous...but still exciting.
As long as you keep leaving your comfy warm bed in the morning it's not a secret you happen to be a part of the society.
Once you're in, there's no way out they say. Doubt it.
While practicing my socialising skills last week I came to the conclusion that I am a drama queen.
No, I'm not saying I made no friends and talking to people is a torture. Hell, no.
Just when I opened my heart and started talking and reacting and sharing information I was surprised to be surrounded by happy, kind and lovely human beings. Honestly, this is priceless.
Then I asked myself "Dasha, how many times did you not talk to people because of your fear to be criticized or offended?"
From time to time I bump into attractive strangers who basically take over me. They change my point of view a bit, treat me like a lady, entertain and feed me with antibullshit mints...
Every single time I tell myself "hey girl come on the whole thing is a lie, stop giving a fuck"
Guess what? I always fail.

I believe people meet for a reason. Whether it's just experience(good or bad), urge for a talk or a little cheeky...affair.
Things happen for a reason. So, just in case some of your so called friends,relatives or lovers want to go-let them go.

Now I feel relieved.

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